8 Track

On Track x Tic Toc

Blue Suede Shoes

Skinny Jeans x Haywire

Buckle Up

Family ties X slug X outtahand


stick em all X stockbroker

Criminal Intent

Next Intention x Never Before 

Dark Chocolate

King of the Hill X Above the Law X Bachelor Party


Tarantino x Blessing x Red 7

Enter Sandman

Grand Entrance x Set the Style


Skinny Jeans x Venom

Foul Ball

Stay Classy x Never Before

In The Flesh

In the Making x Clout

Jaw Drop

Jaws x Savage (Skinny Jeans’ mom)


never before X curtain call

LL 51

King of the Hill x


High Horse 36-5 x Busch League

On Track

Change of Pace x Secrets Out

Open Bar

barstool X whatever it takes

Rainy Day 10-2

Glass House x Outside the Lines

Rocket Fuel

Rocket Man x Trump Card

Shark Attack

Jaws x Savage (Skinny Jeans’ mom)

Shout Out

Speak Up x Headstrong

Sugar Daddy

Swagger x Hillbilly Bone


Family Ties x secret society x cookie

Usual Suspect

Dynamite x Heart Throb

Victory Road

Breaking rules X king James

Word on the Street

Rumor Has It x Kiss My Socks

Bare Knuckle

Family Ties x Red 7

Bell bottoms

Jaws x Savage (Skinny Jeans’ mom)

Cheap Labor

hired hand X in charge