About Us

“I feel like I have learned more from watching and observing how people do things. I have learned how to build hogs, work with people, treat people, etc. from guys like Jerry McLemore, Kirk Swanson, Mike Clay, George Watson and of course my dad. You can learn so much in this industry from watching how successful breeders manage their business.” – Mike McCoy

With what started in 1973 as a purebred Hampshire FFA project, has evolved into the Real McCoy Genetics we know today – a show pig and boar stud operation in Bloominburg, OH that concentrates on Crossbreds, Hamps, Yorks, and Spots. Real McCoy Genetics manages approximately 120 sows and 40-50 boars year-round. Mike McCoy, and his dad Jim, share responsibilities. Mike’s focus is on managing the sow herd, show pig production and helping with boar selection, while Jim concentrates on the boar stud.