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Jim and Mike McCoy


Welcome to Real McCoy Genetics. We are pleased to present an exciting selection of A.I. Sires, as well as our finest show pig offerings. Our policy is quality through honesty and you will find that represented throughout this site. 


Please feel free to contact us with your questions or comments. Good luck to you in all your swine endeavors!

All the best,

Jim and Mike McCoy










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Grand Champion Ohio State Fair

Reserve Hampshire Barrow

2014 Southeast Regional
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13 Reserve Grand Champion Ohio State Fair

Reserve Grand Champion

2013 Ohio State Fair

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13 Grand Champion Michigan Livestock Expo

Grand Champion

2013 Michigan Livestock Expo

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13 Reserve Grand Champion Maryland State Fair

Reserve Grand Champion

2013 Maryland State Fair

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Breaking With PEDv On Our Own Terms

Up to this point we have been very fortunate to make it through the winter farrowing season without breaking with PEDv.


However, it has become apparent that it is highly unlikely that we will be able to avoid a break through the spring sale season. After visiting with veterinarians and other producers who have broke with PEDv, we have decided to voluntarily infect our entire herd (sows, boars, nurseries, and grower) with PEDv. We have come to a point where we feel it is important to minimize our potential damage from the virus by infecting the herd at a time when we can minimize death loss in baby pigs and recover and come clean before the peak of spring pig sales and semen sales.


Over the next 3 or 4 weeks we will keep an open public journal of what we are doing, what we are seeing/experiencing, and how we are recovering. We will keep you posted.




Day 10

Tuesday, March 11
All diarrhea is gone. All stools were normal. All hogs had regained normal activity levels. Pigs in nurseries and show barns looked like they were rehydrated and had recovered to near normal bloom for their stages of maturity. The youngest pigs at just over 3 weeks old still looked a little rough. Healthy but a little rough. Tuesday was also the day that we penned sows that were 3 days out from farrowing. This will be the real test of whether our timing was right for getting ahead of PEDv. We will know soon.





Day 9

Monday, March 10
Everything looked like they were back on track. Nurseries looked significantly better in terms of bloom and fill. Their consumption had really accelerated. The stool consistency was basically normal in all phases of the operation. All sows and boars were acting normal during feeding time. We decided to change up our medication in our meditators in the nurseries and show barns to cover against any other bugs that the pigs may have picked up while their immune systems were compromised. We chose to use Oxytetrecycline (Pennox 343) at 800 mg/gallon.




Day 8

Sunday, March 9
Nearly the entire herd was back to acting normal and stool consistency was near normal. The only ones that still had diarrhea were the individuals that weren't infected until the second attempt on day 6. Nurseries were starting to recover some of the bloom lost during the peak of diarrhea and dehydration.




Day 7

Saturday, March 8
Nearly all sows and boars that had not broke with diarrhea began to have PEDv symptoms by mid-day. The additional attempt to infect the day before had worked. Nurseries still looked a bit rough but the pigs were all acting near normal. The majority of sows and boars were back to normal appetite.




Day 6

Friday, March 7


Friday we decided it was important to make sure that any hogs that had not shown symptoms of PEDv were exposed one more time. We then mixed feces with water and sprayed the diluted feces on top of the feed in the boar barns, nurseries and show barns (as we did on day 2 and 3). By day 6 most sows and boars were consuming feed and acting normal. The pigs in the nurseries had mostly regained their vigor and feed consumption was increasing but they looked a bit rough to say the least.




Day 5

Thursday, March 6


At this point it appeared that nearly the entire herd was infected. The pigs in the nursery were all infected. There were 5 new sow with diarrhea and in the boar stud 6 new boars showed the same symptoms. However there were about 8-10 sows and 8 boars that acted like they had not at all been infected. On the plus side, a substantial part of the sows that had been very sluggish over the 2-3 days prior had regained their appetite (even though they still had diarrhea).


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The Road to Success


For Jim McCoy, 51, of Bloomingburg, OH, Some things never change. His passion for the swine industry, the loyalty to his customers have come to know him for, and his operation's focus on kids and families.


But, as much as things have remained the same, much has changed, too. What started as a purebred Hampshire FFA project in 1973 has evolved into Real McCoy Genetics - McCoy's 100-sow showpig and 50-head boar stud operation.


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