Outta Bounds

No Limits x Roughneck 2
Bred by: Real McCoy Genetics
Black Composite
Stress Negative
Semen: $150/dose
Overrun: $75/dose

Outta Bounds is one of our favorite individuals we have ever put together at Real McCoy Genetics. He is perfectly proportionate being medium sized with moderate length of body and above average muscle. His skeleton is near perfect with flawless angles and perfect toes. Coming at you and going away he is as true and square as you can possibly make one and from the side he’s perfectly balanced with a high head carriage and perfect tail set. He’s a true athlete. As a young boar his fertility was marginal, so his use was limited in his first crop where he sired the Grand at our Customer Appreciation Sale. Now that his fertility is on track, he will see a lot of use here. We have a world of faith in this one.

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