Most Wanted

Specimen x Black Onyx
Bred by: John Huinker, IA
Black Composite
Stress Negative
Semen: $100/dose
Overrun: $50/dose

Owned with Land of Promise Farms, VA

Most Wanted was the second place, $11,000 Huinker boar from the 2015 World Pork Expo. When we bought him, he looked to be well built, heavy boned, neat looking, and still a little green. When he came home from Expo and took to feed, he BLEW UP!! Most Wanted is one of the stoutest featured boars to ever stand here in our stud. In his first crop, he is proving to be one of the most prepotent sires of substance that we have ever used. HE WILL ADD BONE, MUSCLE, AND BODY IN ONE SHOT! With all that he will add, he also keeps them correct and attractive. We are using him on nicely made, attractive, correct, good patterned ones that need more “STUFF.” Be careful using him on one that’s already too stout because they may get a little scary. Most Wanted has the potential to be in a lot of pedigrees long-term and has the extreme pieces it takes to build next level, elite ones!


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