Bred by: Heimer Hampshires, MO
Black Composite
Stress Negative
Semen: $200/dose
Overrun: $100/dose

Owned withLackey Livestock, TX, Bobell Farms, IL and  Causemaker Family Genetics, IL

It’s been a long time since we’ve had a white crossbred boar that can sire like Cookie. He will add bone, body, and muscle while making them more attractive, higher headed, and keeping them correct. We anticipated a degree of sort on front pastern strength so we have protected him there and have experienced very little to no sort. We are using him on sows that are moderate plus in size that need more dimension. One of his greatest values for us is that we can use him on belted sows and get a variety of colors including blues and improve quality and saleability at the same time. He really is one of the more versatile boars we’ve used that have the ability to sire ELITE. He is seeing heavy use here and at Lackey’s.


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